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What is Web Hosting? | Types of Web Hosting

Websites need a place on the internet, and that is where web hosting comes into play. In order for others to see your website, you will need a web hosting service to publish your site. A web hosting service will store the data from your website on web servers. What are web servers, you ask? They are extremely high-powered computers. You will want a very fast network to have your data connect to those who request your website when they type in your website URL, or when they search for your site in a search engine. The person will be connected to the web server that requested your site. All of the information travels through the web to their computer.

Types of Web Hosting:

Shared Web Hosting

One of the most economical options for web hosting is shared hosting, which is when one server is shared amongst several clients. It is very simple to use. However, it will have less flexibility than other hosting options.

Website Builder

Many web hosting companies now have website builders built right into their platform. This allows you to launch your website in literally minutes, and be hosted on the same platform as the website builder itself. There are often templates that are ready to launch, making it super easy to get started in just minutes. You do not need to be a website coder or programmer to use these easy to use website builder tools.

Cloud Hosting

Another option is cloud hosting. This is a bit of a step above shared hosting, but still a step below a dedicated server. If you utilize cloud servers, servers share hardware with other cloud servers. They are somewhat of a special technology that divide the server, this way every cloud account will have a dedicated source and custom configuration somewhat like a fully dedicated server.

Dedicated Server

A dedicated server offers web hosting solutions that offer you 100% of a server, giving this resource at your complete disposal. The advantages to having a dedicated server is that it gives you complete control over the hosting environment. The downside of a dedicated server is the cost, as it is the most expensive web hosting option. However, the advantages of a dedicated server are worth it for many web hosting needs.

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